175+ Viral SEO Tools To Satisfy All Your Needs

When it comes to the SEO, the amount of work seems to be overwhelming. Whether you have just created a website or planning to do so, you know that SEO is a compulsory part of making it work for you.

If you already dabbled in the world of search engine optimization and used such popular SEO tools as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster, you know their limitations. Thankfully, there are many more search optimization tools for you to explore.

Take a dive into the diverse world of SEO tools with our list. Since it’s rather long, we divided it into a few useful categories:

  • Link Building
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Content Optimization
  • Backlink Analysis



While SEO is not limited to link building, it’s one of the toughest. Just one worthy link from an authority site to your webpage can send your Google rankings through the roof.

Free Link Building SEO Tools

Let’s take a look at the free SEO tools first. While they might be somewhat limited, these programs can give you a head start.

  1. LinkMiner


Checking your website for broken links is compulsory since it prevents your page from plummeting down in the rankings. LinkMiner is an extension for Chrome that can help you check whether the link is broken or not by clicking on it.

As a bonus, you can export all the link data to a CSV-file in just one simple step. You can also check more information about the link if you have an Ahref’s account. The extension needs a little tuning but overall it’s a useful addition to your SEO toolbox.


  1. SiegeMedia Embed Code GeneratorSiegeMediaEmbedCodeGenerator

One of the compulsory tools for your webpage is an infographics share button. If the right people share your content, you immediately get more popularity and higher rankings. You can’t overlook this electronic word-of-mouth. The embed codes make it easy for your visitors to share infographics from your website while giving your credentials.

SiegeMedia Embed Code Generator is a straightforward tool, which allows you to have a nice share button on your page. All you have to do is fill out a few information fields and you’ll get a free code.


  1. Check My Links

CheckMyLinksThis is another Chrome extension for finding broken links. This tool is fast. It can check the whole website in under one minute. It processes the quickest to check links first and leaves the longest to check for last.

Check My Links allows you to find the broken links and directly replace them. The extension has been on the market for a long time and has great customer reviews. While it might not be as easy to use as LinkMiner, it has fewer problems.


  1. Domain Hunter Plus

DomainHunterPlusHere is one more dead link checker for your SEO tool arsenal. This one is slightly more complicated than Check My Links but it offers more capabilities. It doesn’t just allow you to check if the link is broken, it checks if the domain is free at the same time.

If the domain is free to register, this tool takes you directly to GoDaddy to proceed with registration as needed. Just as LinkMiner, Domain Hunter Plus allows you to export the broken link information to a CSV-file. It’s a 2 –in-1 bad link and abandoned domain finder.


  1. Marie Haynes’ Disavow Blacklist

MarieHaynes’DisavowBlacklistEven if you’ve been meticulous about link building, the spammy sites can still make their way into your doorway. Bad links pointing to your website can get you in trouble with Google Penguin and lead to a ban.

If you find an unnatural link, you should use a disavow tool to let Google know about it and prove yourself innocent. Marie Haynes disavow black list allows you to check whether a URL is worth disavowing. The incorrect disavowing request can hurt your website’s reputation.


  1. Quick URL Opener

QuickURLOpenerWhen you are checking the links or looking for good ones to embed in your website, this tool can simplify your work. By copy pasting a list of links to the box on the screen, you allow the tool to open each URL in a new tab of a browser. This tool is a time-saver.


  1. SkyRocket Similar Content Prospecting Tool

SkyRocketSimilarContentProspectingToolIf you want to attract new users to your website or market your content, this tool can help you find prospective audiences. By entering the keywords related to your content, you allow the tools to search for prospective websites that already link to the site containing similar information.

If they do it once, they’ll do it again. The tool is straightforward. Enter the keywords, get the URLs.


  1. Broken Link Checker

BrokenLinkCheckerThis software helps you find and remove bad and broken links from your website. It helps you identify dead hyperlinks and show you where to locate the reference in the code. The tool makes it easy to locate the bad links.

The main goal of this program is not to show you which links are broken but where you can find them in the code. That’s what makes Broken Link Checker different from other bad link locators.



Paid Search Optimization Tools for Link Building

Even if it seems that paying for link building tools is strange since there are so many free ones available, think again. Some of these paid programs are better than all free SEO tools combined.

  1. Buzzstream

BuzzstreamWhite hat link building is complicated enough to waste time on useless software. Buzzstream allows you to do outreach link building. The program lets you build relationships with the target audience to get the content “out there”.

The program is great for simultaneous outreach. It helps you with email and guest post outreach process. Buzzstream may bring you more harm than good unless you spend sufficient time learning how to operate it.


  1. Muck Rack

MuckRackIf you want to do advanced website marketing, you can use the Muck Rack’s search engine to find people to give your information to. After you use Ahref’s to find the websites that use your content, you can use Muck Rack to find the people to contact. This can help you explore guest post opportunities.

This tool allows you to build the right relationships with the media representatives in order to promote your products.


  1. PitchBox

PitchBoxThis program offers a set of tools for link building, such as blogger outreach. You provide a list of keywords related to your website, and this SEO tool finds related articles and blog posts. You can use advanced search features to narrow down the output.

This tool uses Majestic to search for backlink data for your competitor’s list. The program also searches for contact information on the website it works with in order to simplify your outreach efforts. PitchBox also helps you contact the webmasters of the websites with spammy links.


  1. Whitespark Local Citation Finder

WhitesparkLocalCitationFinderYou can use this tool to improve your local search rankings. This program is useful for local-oriented businesses. It helps you find the citation source for improving local business rankings. You use to search for your own citations and competition citations.

This tool helps you see the citations that the competitors are receiving through the outreach techniques. The program also helps with citation analysis, removes bad and duplicate citations, and suggests improvements.


  1. Ahref’s

Ahref’sAhref’s is one of the best SEO tools out there. In the modern world, when the quality of the content matters much more than the quantity, Ahref’s helps you find worthy topics and find people, who are likely to share your content.

Ahref’s has a huge backlink database. The size of its web crawling robot makes this tool topnotch. It simplifies keyword search, backlinking analysis, link building, on page tracking, technical SEO, and more. Ahref’s offers a keyword database with clickstream data.


  1. AuthoritySpy

AuthoritySpyWhen you are looking for the websites to link your content to as well as the websites to try to backlink to, Authority Spy can help you with the search. This tool simplifies the outreach process by providing contact details of the authority sites it finds for you.

It allows you to export the search results to a CSV-file. This fast tool allows you to save time on manual influencer searches.


  1. Citation Labs’ Broken Link Finder

CitationLabs’BrokenLinkFinderThis is a simple dead link-finding tool that allows your site to avoid going down the google rankings. In 30 to 60 minutes, this broken link finder generates a report, which doesn’t just alert you to the broken links but helps you replicate the broken link content and use it to your advantage.

Once you replicate the content, the tool can help you find the webmasters to replace the broken links with your new link. This is a white hat SEO method that helps bring people useful content.


  1. DIBZ

DIBZThis tool is a link building prospector that helps you save time on the outreach. It searches the web to find link building prospects. DIBZ offers advanced search options, allowing the user to set up the right filters. The program also provides social statistics helping you see the social sites connected with webpages.

You can download the list of generated prospects and upload them to your CRM. You can do a global search or select a certain region. You’d need to spend some time learning how to use the program if you are an SEO newbie.


  1. GroupHigh

GroupHighWhen you are looking to market your website and do proper link building, you need to reach a maximum number of influencers. GroupHigh helps you search for such people and websites. It simplifies the relationship management and content improvement.

While this software is similar to Buzzstream, it has a much larger database. It allows you to contact the right people in your niche and get your content out there.


  1. GuestPost Tracker

GuestPostTrackerWhen you are creating your marketing campaign and planning your link building, guest posts are one of the most important strategies you can take advantage of. In order to start making guest posts, you need to find the websites that accept them.

GuestPost Tracker allows you to take advantage of over 600 blogs that allow guest posts. It also allows you to track your posts. The main difference between GuestPost Tracker and other blog lists is that it’s constantly being updated.


  1. Inky Bee

InkyBeeInky Bee is a tool that allows you to manage your outreach campaign. The tool is oriented on helping you with influencer marketing and getting links from the authoritative blogs. The tool allows you to search for relevant blogs. The search is ongoing.

You can manage the list of the websites/bloggers by using the list management tool offered by Inky Bee. It also analyzes your twitter followers to find the real influencers for outreach. The tool creates detailed analysis reports, including trackers and export to PDF and CSV files.


  1. LinkBird

LinkBirdThis program is an attempt to combine many SEO tools in one. LinkBird has several tools that simplify your link building work. It provides a link manager that keep the data on all of your links in one place. It’s a solid link manager, however, BuzzStream offers more sophisticated options.

LinkBird is a worthy option for people, who need many tools combined in one program. If you need a separate link builder, you can skip this one.


  1. Linkody

LinkodyLinkody is yet another link management tool. It allows you to manage the backlinks in the cloud. It gathers SEO metrics, evaluates link profiles, and does backlink checking. The program alerts you whenever you get or lose a backlink, checks the backlink integrity, and provides analytics and metrics to analyze the link quality.

Linkody is moderately priced but needs Google Analytics connection to work properly.


  1. LInkstant

LinkstantLinkstant allows you to learn about all the backlinks made to your website. Once the information about the backlink comes in, you can check for its integrity. The user gets an alert almost immediately after the backlink goes live.

Once you see who is most interested in your content, you can go further to improve your outreach campaign and generate more backlinks. The program doesn’t help you build links but improves your link building strategy.


  1. Ninja Outreach

NinjaOutreachThis is a viral tool for creating a worthy outreach campaign. Ninja Outreach has many different properties that a user may need for proper influencer search. This program is worth getting if you know at least something about influencer marketing. Otherwise, you might have a hard time finding your way around it.

You give the program keyword phrases and it searches for the influencers in the related niche. It can also help you design email templates for simple and effective outreach.


  1. Outreachr

OutreachrThis simple tool allows you to find bloggers, who can help you improve your marketing campaign. By providing the program your niche description and keywords, you allow it to make a search for the right influencers. The software also helps you manage the list of influencers.

Outreachr reaches the strong influencers and asks them to register in the system in order to make your search even easier.


  1. Remove’em

Remove’emAs you already know, bad links can do harm to your website. That’s why using a cleanup tool such as Remove’em is compulsory to avoid Google Penguin penalties. The program simplifies bad link identification, makes contacting the webmasters easier, and provides campaign-tracking tools.

You can get link data from all the major providers and create strong disavow lists. This is a noteworthy program for SEO experts and beginners.



  1. ScrapeBox

ScrapeBoxScrapeBox is a link-building tool that offers many possibilities. It can help you with your keyword search, finds blogs and websites necessary to promote your website, and assists with comment posting.

The program uses multiple proxies to keep your IP from a ban. You real IP won’t be showing up anywhere so you can stay anonymous. The tool posts trackbacks, analyzes your backlinks, and creates automated blog comments. This software is useful for SEO specialists, who are into “Gray Hat” marketing.


  1. EpicBeat


If you want your content to be engaging and generate followers, you can take advantage of EpicBeat. The program analyzes the web to find the viral content, which gets the most posting and comments. You can use this information to create what people want to see.

The program also offers information on useful publishing days and content format. If you are at a loss about your new blog post, EpicBeat has a solution. You can also use this information to stimulate useful backlinks.


  1. Impactana

ImpactanaThis tool that can tell you which content is worth noting and expanding on. You get information about the articles that get the most shares, twits, likes, etc. You can use the program to measure the success of your own content.

Besides social media platforms, Impactana works with the impact metric that shows the number of links, clicks, views, and comments. The program also offers information about the content’s author and his or her other publications.


  1. Link Research Tools

LinkResearchToolsThis software has been evolving for a few years. It presents a special set of tools for SEO specialists. They include a quick backlink overview with the most important metrics, a backlink profiler, link audit and recovery, backlink monitoring, competitive analysis, and more.

This set of tools can be a smart choice for SEO experts, who know exactly what they need from an SEO software. Beginners may have trouble making their way through the program.


  1. Monitor Backlinks

MonitorBacklinksThis program helps you identify and deal with the bad links while helping you get the good ones. It checks for quality backlinks used by your competition and brings you the information. If you already have the website up and running for some time, Monitor Backlinks can help keep it healthy.

Monitor Backlinks helps you analyze the information by giving you the domains the backlink comes from instead of all the pages. This can reduce your cleanup work by more than five times. Monitor Backlinks also allow you to analyze the success of your SEO campaign.



Freemium Tools For Successful Link Building

Freemium tools are a paid software, which you get to use free without taking advantage of some advanced options. This software may be a fair choice for the beginners in the SEO realm, who are trying to save money by testing the products.

  1. HARO (Help A Reporter Out)

HARO(HelpAReporterOut)If you are looking for media attention for your business, this service is a great place to get it. The subscriber gets notifications about the journalists inquiring about the subjects in their niche. This is a wonderful tool for your outreach campaign.

Once you see the requests, you can create the according content and get it published by a journalist. The basic subscription is free. More advanced options require monthly payments.


  1. JustReachOut

JustReachOutOne more program that helps you reach out to the journalists. Besides offering you a list of journalists, who can publish information about your business, this program helps you write emails to get their attention.

The most important part of outreaching is the right pitch. This software helps you create it. You can try this service free for 7 days after signing up.


  1. Rmoov

RmoovThis is a tool for advanced SEO users. It helps you with link removal but doesn’t simplify the process to make it easy for the beginners. The program has a free basic package for users with just one campaign.

The tool makes it easy to find bad links and automates the processes of contacting the webmasters to remove them. You’d have to provide an email template for the contacting process.


  1. Ontolo

OntoloThis program facilitates your backlink searching process by doing large amounts of work in a short period. The tool can process over 250,000 prospects per minute. You can upload a CSV file to this software and have Ontolo manage your contacts for you so you can always find what you need.


  1. YourOutreach

YourOutreachThis software makes your search for influencers easier. It’s a great choice for SEP specialists, who have multiple projects at hand. YourOutreach helps manage emails and contact only the most important influencers. If you want to automate the process of link building and influencer outreach, this software can help you do it.




Technical SEO is an important part of any SEO campaign since it deals with the very foundation of the search engine optimization. Technical SEO concerns everything that makes your website go up in rankings except for link building and content optimization. This includes such technical things as website speed, site architecture, internal links, etc. These search optimization tools can help you hone your technical SEO.


Free Technical SEO Tools

There are many different freebies in the technical SEO realm. All of them are solid tools for the beginners but may not be enough for an in-depth approach.

  1. Google Analytics

GoogleAnalyticsThis is the most famous website analyzing tool you can find. Google Analytics collects all the data from your website to show you the results of your SEO campaign. The amount of SEO data GA provides is huge. It’s important to know how to decipher SEO metrics you get from this program. GA can be a smart tool for mobile usage as well. The tool is free for individuals and small businesses.


  1. Google Search Console

GoogleSearchConsoleThis program allows you to see what data Google has about your website. By analyzing your website, it also shows what Google has got on it. For example, it can be especially useful for finding the backlinks and seeing which ones are worthy. It gives you keyword rankings, crawl reports, and website auditing.


  1. Hreflang Tags Generator Tool

HreflangTagsGeneratorToolIf you have multiple language versions of your website, you need to use a hreflang tag in order to direct the users to the language they need. This will greatly reduce the bounce rate and bring you a bigger target audience. This tool helps you generate Hreflang tags for your website in a matter of minutes.


  1. Barracuda Panguin Tool

BarracudaPanguinToolThis online tool checks your website for the Google filters. It allows you to follow algorithm updates and how they help or hurt your website’s SEO. Panguin follows such filters as Penguin, Panda, and a few more. You get a report in a nice and readable graph.


  1. Website Penalty Indicator

WebsitePenaltyIndicatorThis program is similar to Paguin tools. It helps you track the big updates of the Google algorithm that can affect the search results tremendously. Penalty Indicator helps you track the dates to help you check and improve your SEO efforts. The tool shows you the organic traffic in relation to the Google algorithms.


  1. QuickSprout Website Analyzer

QuickSproutWebsiteAnalyzerThis tool checks your website to show how well your SEO campaign is working. It gives you an easy-to-read report and offers content-related suggestions for traffic improvement. It’s a solid tool for getting advice but it doesn’t always do an extensive analysis.



  1. Structured Data Markup Helper

StructuredDataMarkupHelperThis software allows you to implement structured data to your website. Structured data is information arranged in freebases that help optimize search results. The structure data markup is a universal language format that allows the search engines to do their job better. This software points to places where the markup should be added and helps you do it.


  1. Bing Webmaster Tools

BingWebmasterToolsWhile you are focusing on being first on Google, you may be forgetting Bing. Meanwhile, it accounts for more than 30 % of the search results. These tools help you optimize your website for Bing searches. The tool is very similar to Google Search Console but has some unique features for Bing. You can use these two programs together


  1. Browseo

BrowseoThis tool helps you see the website as Google does it. It takes away all the unnecessary things and highlights SEO matters that you need to pay attention to. The information given by Browseo is basic but can be very helpful for beginners. Meanwhile, you can use it directly online.


  1. GA Referrer Spam Killer

GAReferrerSpamKillerThis program eliminates the spam bot data that may confuse the information you get from Analytics. It filters out the information left by bots instead of real people. This tool can help keep your stats as clear as possible.


  1. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

GoogleMobile-FriendlyTestFind out if your website is fully optimized for mobile devices. This is a vital part of any SEO campaign. The tool does it in just one click.


  1. Google Page Speed Insights

GooglePageSpeedInsightsDo you want your website to work faster? Of course, you do. This program helps you identify ways to speed up your site. This tool can also optimize your website speed for you while giving you suggestions about mobile-friendliness.


  1. GTMertix

GTMertixThis is another website speed analyzer. Don’t forget to check this speed several times a day to get the right idea about the metric. The program also gives information about website speed optimization.


  1. Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator

MapBrokerXMLSitemapValidatorThis tool allows you to validate the XML sitemap and ping Google (optional) in order to share your location. If there are any problems with sitemaps, this tool alerts you immediately in order to help you make changes before submission to Google. You also have an option of pinging search engines with the location of your sitemap.


  1. Microdata Generator

MicrodataGeneratorThis generator allows you to add Schema.org tags to your website. This is another way to manage structured data on your site to allow search engines to decipher the content in your HTML. Schema.org is a structured data standard created by Google and other search engines to improve the search process.


  1. Open SEO Stats

OpenSEOStatsThis is a Chrome extension that helps you decipher Alexa Rank, Compete Rank and Quantcast Rank of the current web page and get detailed information about backlinks, index sites, social media activities, IP geolocation, and more. This program can help you improve your website SEO and check the competition’s data.


  1. Plug In SEO (for Shopify)

PlugInSEO(forShopify)If you are wondering how well your SEO campaign is working on your Shopify website, this free plugin can check your website and give you the detailed report of what needs to be fixed. Set up an automated email alert to know whenever the plugin finds any SEO issues with your site.


  1. Simple Htaccess Redirects & Rewrite Generator

SimpleHtaccessRedirects&RewriteGeneratorThis simple redirect tool allows you to implement redirection to make the rerouting painless and unnoticeable for the user. This free tool is fast and easy to use. You can come up with your own redirect scenario and have it created.


  1. Varvy SEO Tool

VarvySEOToolThis tool can help you see if Google “likes” your website. Find out how well you follow the Google rules to improve the SEO.  Every website must comply with Google Terms and Conditions in order to get high rankings. Use this tool to check the compliance. Many of the compliance metrics allow you to improve your SEO.


  1. Webbee SEO Spider Tool

WebbeeSEOSpiderToolThis tool allows you to make a quick and extensive audit of your or your client’s website. The tool is popular for its web crawling abilities. It offers 5 crawl modes, schema information, self- explanatory website summary, meta information, and much more. You can use this program as an advanced crawl tool.



  1. Zadroweb SEO Auditor

ZadrowebSEOAuditorThis tool performs technical SEO audit for your website and your competitors’ sites. It shows the loading speed, the keyword performance, the social and URL stats, and much more. If you want a quick assessment of your website performance, this auditor can do a proper job.



  1. SEO Book’s Free SEO Tools

SEOBook'sFreeSEOToolsSEO Book’s offers a big variety of SEO tools for any preference you may have. Here you’ll find Spider test tool, link suggestion tool, keyword list cleaner, meta tag generator, robots.tx… The list goes on and on. Check out these free options whenever you feel a lack of SEO information about your website.


  1. Search Latte

SearchLatteIf you want to see search results for Google in different countries, this program can do it in one click. Search Latte can help you with the keyword search for your international SEO efforts. You don’t need to bother with proxies or VPNs.


  1. SEOptimer

SEOptimerThis is an online tool that can generate an easy-to-read report about your website. This is a useful tool for beginners or website owners, who don’t know much about the SEO. This auditor provides basic information. Use the tool’s suggestions to make improvements.



  1. SEO Weather’s Bulk Metric Checker

SEOWeather’sBulkMetricCheckerIf you want to check several URLs for SEO data, use this bulk metric checker. The output will be reflected in a table. The tool checks page authority, domain authority, page rank, and IP address. You can use quick checker for multiple SEO campaigns.



  1. Lipperhey

LipperheyThis program can help you analyze your website performance and give you important suggestions about improving your SEO campaign. SEO analytics, backlink checker, website analysis, and keyword suggestions can be all you need when you are just starting your SEO campaign and don’t want an expensive tool to do it.



  1. SEO Browser

SEOBrowserUse this program to see your website the way a search engine sees it. You can use the information you get to improve your SEO campaign. The program provides the same services as Browseo.


Paid Technical SEO Tools

Paid technical SEO tools are often a better choice for experienced SEO specialists than freebies and freemiums. Depending on your experience and the complexity of your task, these tools can provide valuable assistance.

  1. SEO Monitor

SEOMonitorSEO monitor helps you monitor the website’s ranks in search engine, do keyword analysis, measure organic traffic, see what competition does, and check content performance. Use this tool to add keywords from Google Search Console automatically to improve the SEO efforts. Take advantage of the business case calculator for agencies.


  1. Agency Analytics

AgencyAnalyticsThis is a useful tool to show your clients how hard you’ve been working on managing the SEO campaign. It can also help you analyze your own efforts. The tool shows all the selected metrics on one panel, conducts site audits, works with Google Analytics to check visits, bounce rates, and more.


  1. WebCEO

WebCEOWebCEO helps you create geographical metatags in order to attract local target audience to your website. It also has link-building tools, easy-to-read SEO campaign reports, and a site auditor. The best way to use this program is for local audience optimization.


  1. Upcity

UpcityThis program is useful for both experienced and beginner SEO specialists who need to optimize their workflow. This tool can make sense of all of your tasks related to the SEO campaign. Use this SEO tool if you have some trouble with organization skills.


  1. Botify

BotifyThis is a search marketing analytics program based on a cloud. It offers important site analytics to improve the organic traffic and other components of an SEO campaign. Botify is mostly useful for SEO experts and campaign managers. It’s suitable for large businesses.


  1. Bright Local

BrightLocalIf you are working on SEO for a local business, this service offers all the local aspects of SEO coupled with general tools. You can use this tool to track search terms for multiple locations at the same time. Take advantage of audit reports, citation building, and more.


  1. Clusteric

ClustericThis website audit tool is another program that can improve your SEO campaign. It has many different options and a low learning curve. It can help you with your white SEO efforts by giving you straightforward reports and suggestions on how to fix inaccuracies. Use this program to check your site against 100 parameters.


  1. Deep Crawl

DeepCrawlIf you want a high-quality tool the sole purpose of which is website crawling, this is it. The site has a responsive interface, backlink tracking, GA integration, and on-page SEO advice. Use this particular program for website crawling with the best output.


  1. EasyRedir

EasyRedirUsing branded name to find your content is a smart approach to SEO. Redirecting software helps redirect users looking for related content to your website. You don’t have to be savvy in technical processes of redirecting to use this program. It’s highly user-friendly. If you use an e-commerce platform, take advantage of this redirect software to market your deeply nestled pages.


  1. Forecheck

ForecheckThis software helps you analyze the way your website works and take advantage of the suggestions for improvements. The big advantage of this service is that you can use it from a cloud. The program provides ongoing website monitoring options and SEO-related alerts.


  1. Kill Duplicate

KillDuplicateContent thieves have always existed. They take advantage of your hard work and use it to promote their websites. This program can help you identify such culprits. The tool also helps you take action against the thief by filing a complaint. You can also use this service to find out if someone has already written content similar to yours in order to avoid duplication.


  1. Link Patrol (WordPress)

LinkPatrol(WordPress)This plugin allows you to keep your WordPress website clean by checking the nature of the outbound links. The program monitors recently added links and keywords to keep the site healthy. You can also use this program to remove links that other webmasters ask you to get rid off (in case there are hit with Google penalties).


  1. OnCrawl

OnCrawlThis service can help you maintain an up-to-date index of links and backlinks. You can use this program to understand how the search engines are doing the crawling on your website in order to improve your rankings. The software comes with a 30-day free trial.


  1. Raven Tools

RavenToolsThese tools are useful for SEO coupled with online advertising and social media marketing. It’s a set of tools for promoting a business. Raven works with SEOmoz, Majestic, and SEMRush to help you with keyword searches and website audits. Use it to get automated marketing reports.


  1. SEO Site Checkup

SEOSiteCheckupUse this online tool to analyze the work of your website. You can manage SEO crawl, discover your competition’s keyword lists, analyze the backlink quality, and more. It shows you all the common SEO mistakes and provides suggestions to fix them. The program offers a free trial.


  1. Seomator

SeomatorThis website analyzing tool closely checks your content for SEO mistakes, audits the site structure, crawls to find broken links, blocked JavaScript files, canonical errors, and more. The information is easy to decipher. The program offers a free trial to get an idea of what you can accomplish.


  1. Site Condor (WordPress)

SiteCondor(WordPress)Every week this WordPress Plugin brings you clear crawl reports to see the way search engines view your website. The program also offers suggestions to help you improve your rankings. It checks for broken links, missing h1 tags, missing titles, missing image alternate text, and more. Use it together with SEO by Yoast.


  1. Unamo SEO (ex Positionly)paid

UnamoSEO(exPositionly)paidThis tool analyzes your website on a regular basis and gives you important suggestion on SEO campaign improvements. The program is famous for it easy-to-use interface so it can be a smart choice for the beginners. It works with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.



  1. Schema App

SchemaAppSchema App manages structured data markups in a newer and faster way than most other programs do. You don’t need to know the technical stuff about implementing Schema markup in order to use this service. This program is a smart choice for beginners in the SEO world. Merge this app with Google Analytics for better results.


  1. Solo SEO

SoloSEOThis is a useful program for web SEO campaign management. It offers a standard set of tools for technical SEO, including backlink checker, competition monitor, checklist creator, and keyword finder. The software is straightforward, meaning it can become valuable help for SEO beginners. Take advantage of professional SEO tools as you get more savvy in the process.


  1. URL Profiler

URLProfilerURL profiler is a viral SEO tool that can help you with link prospecting, content analysis, outreach, backlink checking, technical review, mobile-friendliness analysis, and more. You can use it to check several URLs simultaneously. Spend some time testing the tool to find out which aspects work for your project.


  1. ShareMetric Chrome Extension

ShareMetric Chrome Extension

This extension for your Chrome browser can help you follow the organic search visibility, social shares, and incoming links data. This useful tool keeps you updated on the progress if the SEO campaign while you are dealing with other matters.


  1. SimilarWeb

SimilarWebThis program analyzes the website to give you an idea of the SEO metrics in a simple and engaging way. You can use this tool to check out the traffic, rankings, audience breakdown by location, and traffic sources. You can use this tool to get a quick overview of your SEO performance.



We already mentioned a useful paid technical SEO tool in the previous section since it’s useful for the link building matters as well. Check it out.

  • WhiteSpark


Freemium Technical SEO Tools

These tools allow you to check out the way they work before paying any money for them. Some offer free basic plans to help you get started.


  1. WooRank

WooRankThis program analyzes your website to give you an idea of how well your SEO campaign is working. Unlike GA it gives you less information, which is an advantage for the beginners. WooRank works fast to tell you which optimizations your website needs.



  1. Seobility

SeobilityThis online website analyzing tool helps you get sufficient information about the way your website is functioning in terms of SEO. This tool has a useful crawler that checks the way the website fares and follows all the outbound and inbound links. The program alerts you as soon as any problem is detected during the ongoing testing. Use the free basic plan for your first project.


  1. Yoast SEO Plugin (WordPress)

YoastSEOPlugin(WordPress)This plugin helps you manage page details that are important for improving your SEO campaign. It allows you to check the keyword density, heading availability, content quality, etc. XML sitemap generator and URL redirect comes with this plugin. Use this plugin to optimize individual pages.


  1. SEMrush

SEMrushThis platform has many tools for SEO campaign improvements. It contains a strong keyword research tool, backlink tracking, and desktop and mobile search breakdowns. The dashboard is straightforward and the learning curve is low. While SEMrush doesn’t have keyword list management, you can use it for fast and useful keyword research.


  1. SEO Tools For Excel

SEOToolsForExcelThis program is an add-on to Microsoft Excel. You can use this add-on for an on-page SEO, indexation checking, Google keyword ranking, 404 error list finding, domain name research, crawler, and more. Use this tool to check your website’s cleanliness and health without Google Webmaster tools.


  1. All In One SEO Pack (WordPress)

AllInOneSEOPack(WordPress)If you want to get all the SEO features for your WordPress website, this tool may be a wonderful choice. Detailed SEO settings and checks are useful for experienced SEO specialists. If you are just starting out, you may want to settle for Yoast. This SEO pack has more features than Yoast but you need a solid understanding of SEO to take advantage of them.


  1. Screaming Frog SEO Log File Analyzer

ScreamingFrogSEOLogFileAnalyzerDo you need to identify crawled URLs, deal with large and slow pages, fix redirects, check crawl frequency, find bad links and URLs? This analyzer can help you do it. You can get a free version with a log event limit and without tech support. If you are a beginner, the absence of tech support might be a disadvantage.


  1. SEO Friendly Images (WordPress)

SEOFriendlyImages(WordPress)This WordPress plugin saves you a substantial amount of time by changing the ALT and TITLE info of your images so it becomes SEO friendly. If you have many images to deal with, this plugin is a must-have since changing them all manually is a daunting task.


  1. Siteliner

SitelinerSiteliner checks your website for duplicate content within your website. It crawls your site and checks for broken links, skipped pages, duplicate content and other SEO errors. Siteliner comes from the creators of Copyscape to help bloggers improve their websites. Use Siteliner to check if your blog is faring well for Google crawlers.


  1. Topvisor

TopvisorThis is an integrated solution for your SEO research needs. It has a keyword rank tracker, keyword research tool, meta tag analysis option, image optimization, website audits, and more. This tool combines technical SEO and keyword research services. The simple interface makes it easy to use for the beginners.


  1. Ryte (ex OnPage.org)

Ryte(exOnPage.org)This is a SEO tool for website audit. It’s an online program so you can access it anywhere. The program monitors your website in real time and alerts you of any SEO errors that need your immediate attention. OnPage.org gives detailed suggestions on how to fix the errors. You can use this program to get the freshest results of the latest crawl.



  1. SEO PowerSuite

SEOPowerSuiteThis set of tools helps with SEO and website management. You can take advantage of a website auditor, SEO Spyglass, Rank Tracker, and Link Assistant. The program creates highly readable customizable reports. You can take advantage of its mass mailing tools to create successful outreach campaigns.




Keyword research is the key to the right content, which in turn helps you create an ideal SEO campaign. The right keywords can make or break your marketing efforts. These tools can help you find the best keywords for your niche and put them to use.

Free Keyword Research SEO Tool List

Free keyword research tools are often somewhat limited but they can give your campaign a good head start.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

GoogleKeywordPlannerFor a healthy keyword search, you need to use only three functions of this tool: searching for new keywords using website, phrase or category, multiply keyword lists to get new keywords and get search volume data and trends. Customize the keyword search to make it more suitable for your case.


  1. Keyworddit

KeywordditFind out what keywords are widely used in the subreddits on Reddit. All you have to do is type in the subreddit and the keywords will start pouring in. It’s a huge community filled with your potential customers so checking out the keywords can help you create great content for your website.


  1. Seed Keywords

SeedKeywordsThis tool allows you to seek help from your contacts when it comes to keyword search. You create a scenario, send it to your contact list and ask them to comment which keywords they would use to search for it. This type of real-time feedback can do much more for your campaign than standard keyword searching tools.


  1. Wordstream’s Free Keyword Tools

Wordstream’sFreeKeywordToolsKeyword suggestions, keyword grouping, keyword analysis, negative keyword search, and more tools make this Wordsteam’s software useful for anyone, who is at the first stage of the SEO campaign. This free tool can also help you understand whether you are getting all you can from AdWords.


  1. Bloomberry

BloomberryIf you want to have viral content, you need to come up with something many people are interested in. Bloomberry allows you to learn about the most popular questions users ask on the Internet in relation to your niche. Getting these questions answered can help boost your search engine rankings.


  1. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

AdWord&SEOKeywordPermutationGeneratorThis tool generates keyword permutations to use in the Google AdWords keyword input field. You can choose either phrase matching, exact matching or broad matching. Use this tool to create optimized keyword lists.


  1. Answer The Public

AnswerThePublicThis tool is similar to Bloomberry. It allows you to see the questions people ask most frequently related to your keyword. Search the service for questions asked by people in different languages in order to improve your international SEO efforts.


  1. FAQFox

FAQFoxFAQFox can help you find authoritative sites that use your keywords. You can use this service to find out what information you can elaborate on or which sites to link to in your content. Check out what the popular sites write about and do your best to follow suit. This tool is useful for both bloggers and SEO experts.


  1. Google Correlate

GoogleCorrelateThis service can help you do a better keyword research by finding terms that correlate with the keywords you offer. While this might be useful for initial keyword research stages, you need to be careful checking the output since the terms that correlate might not always be related to your niche.



  1. Google Location Changer

GoogleLocationChangerThis tool allows you to see search results for a certain location. This service can be a great help for local or international businesses looking for which keywords are the most popular in which areas. This service doesn’t require IP changes.


  1. Google Trends

GoogleTrendsThis tool lets you know about the current trending subjects as well as those, the popularity of which is rising. There are several filters to help you narrow down the trends and find the right keywords for your niche. Take advantage of the keywords with rising popularity.


  1. IMforSMB’s Bulk Keyword Generator

com’sBulkKeywordGeneratorThis service can be helpful if you know what to do with bulk keywords. Enter your business, service type, and location and the tool will give you a list of keywords. This service doesn’t do extensive research. You’d need to do some further work to get a useful keyword list from the output.


  1. Keyword Combiner

KeywordCombinerSay you have several one-word keywords but you need to get some long tail ones. This keyword combiner can do the job for you. Of course, you’d need to sift through them to look for problematic ones but this tool can give you a valuable head start.


  1. Keywords Everywhere

KeywordsEverywhereThis add-on for Chrome and Firefox helps you get the keyword information from the web to your keyword research tool. This service can save you plenty of time on switching back and forth. Use it to download the keyword information into Excel, PDF or CSV format for further work.


  1. Soovle

SoovleThis quick and easy online keyword tool allows you to get keyword suggestions from many different services including Google, Bing, Yahoo, eBay, and many more. The keywords are created instantaneously and allow you to improve your keyword list. Click on each keyword and check out the search results for each service.


  1. Suggestion Keyword Finder

SuggestionKeywordFinderThis is a simple tool for finding related keywords and improving your keyword list. It offers 3 different levels for finding more complicated related keywords. Once you get the list, it will need some cleaning since many unrelated keywords still make it through.


  1. Ubersuggest

UbersuggestIf you need quick keyword ideas, this service is ideal. It’s not suitable for hard-core SEO but can be a great help to bloggers. Ubersuggest works online so you can access it anytime and anywhere. It also offers location-related keyword search.


  1. Wordtracker Scout

WordtrackerScoutBesides offering you the simple keyword generating service, Wordtracker also provides more advanced SEO tools to help you find the best possible keywords and phrases. This service is probably the most sophisticated free keyword finder out there.  Use it if you already know something about SEO.


  1. SERPs

comBesides generating keywords, this service gives you the keyword rankings so you can narrow down the choices in relation to your niche. Use this service to track the progress of your SEO campaign and show the results to the clients.



You can find other free tools to use for your keyword research needs in our previous sections:

  • Bing Webmaster Tools (Technical SEO)
  • SEO Book’s Free SEO Tools (Technical SEO)


Paid Keyword Research SEO Tools

Free Keyword Research tools are great for the first stage of keyword exploration. Paid services take a step toward advanced keyword search. These tools are great for SEO experts while beginners can still benefit from some of their aspects.

  1. SECockpit

SECockpitEven though not moderately priced, this keyword research tool is fast, useful, and has great support. It does quick keyword searches for all languages and locations. You can also take advantage of its Rank Tracker tool.


  1. YTCockpit

YTCockpitRanking high on YouTube is important for many business niches. This tool can help you find the keywords to get your website high up in the YouTube rankings. The service is easy to use for the beginners. It helps you analyze the competition. YTCockpit has various payment plans. Take advantage of their discounts.


  1. FreshKey

FreshKeyThis spy tool for Amazon tells you what the customers are searching for at any moment. The service can help you see the keywords your potential clients are using to find products similar to yours. You can also use this service to identify Google and Amazon trends.


  1. GrepWords

GrepWordsThis paid keyword research tool offers an SEO specialist everything needed for a fruitful keyword search. It includes searching for related keywords, API access, JSON, XML, and CSV file export, and browser plugins. You can take advantage of this service regardless of your experience.


  1. HitTail

HitTailSimple keyword searches give you short keywords. However, the popularity of your website depends on how well you implement long tail keywords. HitTail allows you to create long tail keywords by analyzing how well your website traffic fares. It works in real time and always provides new keyword ideas.


  1. Keyword Snatcher

KeywordSnatcherA useful tool for creating long tail keywords from the keyword you input. All you have to do is enter the keywords you came up with using a keyword generator or brainstorming and the tool will create easy-to-comprehend long tail keyword lists. Use this tool with Google Keyword Planner for the best results.


  1. Keyword Tool Dominator

KeywordToolDominatorThis service offers you Google, YouTube, and Amazon keyword search. You get suggestions you can use when making your keyword lists. It provides quick long tail keyword search based on what the users are looking for. This is an advantageous tool for e-stores.


  1. Long Tail Pro

LongTailProThis is a tool for SEO experts who can easily understand the keyword SEO metrics. Besides offering you a big number of regular and long-tail keywords, this program gives you information about the importance and popularity of each one. If you know how to use these metrics, this tool can prove to be valuable.


  1. Power Suggest Pro

PowerSuggestProIf you are in a highly competitive niche, using the right keywords might not get you any popularity since the competitors have already conquered the top Google pages. Looking for less popular keywords for the niche can help you get on top of the search. Use Power Suggest Pro to single out search phrases.


  1. SerpIQ

This tool is useful for SEO specialists, who are dealing with thousands of keywords on a daily basis. It provides quick research for several keywords simultaneously. It can also give you a glimpse of what keywords your competition is using. Take advantage of this online service if you want quick results.


  1. TermExplorer

TermExplorerThis powerful keyword-searching tool is suitable for big data volumes. It allows you to do quick keyword sorting by volume and PPC competition. The program analyzes rankings and competition to give you access to the most usable keywords for your niche. Use this service if you have a big project.


  1. WordTracker

WordTrackerMost SEO experts have used this tool at one time or another so it has a solid rep. This service has a huge database and it uses Google, Amazon, YouTube and more to find the best long-tail keywords for your request. Use the program to export information to CSV files for further work.


  1. Sistrix

SistrixThis tool analyzes your website in relation to visibility on Google. It also checks your keywords and gives certain suggestions. Sistrix can help you see how well your keyword implementation efforts are working. Use this service to check out the keyword rankings.


  1. Scribe by Copyblogger (WordPress)

ScribebyCopyblogger(WordPress)This program allows you to do a keyword search, check out the rankings, optimize your content, and do link building. If you are looking for a tool set for your WordPress site, this plugin may be a good idea. Using this tool as a keyword finder for your WordPress site can save you a lot of time.


  1. TrendSpottr

TrendSpottrKnowing emerging trends can shoot your Google ranking through the roof. This service alerts you about news, trends, and popular subjects so you can create the right content. These subjects can jump start your keyword search.


  1. Moz Pro

MozProThis is a popular tool for monitoring the search engine keyword rankings for your site and your competition’s website. It provides easy-to-read ranking information that can help you improve your SEO efforts. Use this service to check out how mobile friendly your website is.


You can find other paid tools to use for your keyword research needs in our previous sections:

  • Upcity (Technical SEO)
  • WebCEO (Technical SEO)
  • Ahref’s (Link Building)
  • ScrapeBox (Link Building)
  • Impactana (Link Building)
  • Solo SEO (Technical SEO)


Freemium Keyword Research Tools

These freemium research tools can help you with the smooth transition from simple free services to more complicated paid software.

  1. SpyFu

SpyFuSpyFu is a full set of tools for SEO experts with a big part dedicated to keyword research. Besides finding long –tail keywords, this service does PPC research, deals with backlinks, tracks the campaign progress and creates useful reports. Use this software to its fullest extent, not just for keyword search.


  1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumoFind out what topics related to your domain content are being shared on social media. Use this information for your keyword search. Go further to find influencers to market your website. Analyze your competitors’ content to improve your own. Use this program to improve your keyword research.


  1. iSpionage

iSpionageFind out what makes your competitors so popular and use their ideas to improve your rankings. This program singles out overlapping keywords, average rank, search volume, and other aspects to let you know how to deal with the competition. Use this service to find out which keywords your content is lacking.


  1. Jaaxy

JaaxyJaaxy receives keywords data from Google, Yahoo, and Bing and uses it to offer you the most viral keywords for your niche. It also provides you information about keyword competition. Use this service to find unused high-traffic niches.


  1. Keyword Eye

KeywordEyeThis keyword research tool provides you the search results in an unusual manner. By working with visuals and colors, it allows you to single out the proper keywords for your needs. Use this tool to edit and narrow down the keyword search results in a flash.


  1. Keyword Revealer

KeywordRevealerThis online service uses Google Keyword Tool to provide you the specific keywords related to your theme. This tool does a fair job finding low-competition keywords. It helps you with keyword brainstorming and offers you readable keyword rankings.


  1. KeywordSpy

KeywordSpyThis spy service has a large database. It helps you discover which keywords your competition uses to get high rankings. It can help you find out the keywords you may be missing. Use this service if you need information about the competition in several countries. KeywordSpy has a long list of country offerings.


  1. io

ioKeywordTool.io uses Google’s own tools to do a better job. You can use this service to do extensive keyword research, make connections between keywords, and find long-tail keywords for your content. Use the language and location filters to improve your search.


  1. KWFinder

comThis tool is great for beginners since it’s easy to use. Besides generating long tail keywords, it offers SEO metrics, such as page authority and domain authority to see which keywords to choose.  Use this program to create simple keyword lists for further work.


  1. SERPstat

SERPstatThis tool provides you with a large database for fruitful keyword search. It works with over a dozen popular regions. Beside keyword research and PPC search, SERPStat offers website analysis, rank tracker, backlink analysis, and more. It’s a complex tool for experienced SEO specialists.


  1. StoryBase

StoryBaseThis tool can help you improve your content by taking advantage of the questions your target audience is asking. Once you single out some keywords, you get the top related phrases for content improvement. Use this tool to learn demographic information about your target audience and use it to your advantage.


  1. Webtexttool (WordPress)

Webtexttool(WordPress)This program has an excellent keyword suggestion tool to help with your keyword research efforts. Once you choose the keywords, the program gives you the related keywords together with search volume, overall SEO score, and competition level. The tool can also make SEO improvement suggestions.


  1. Can I Rank

CanIRankThis automated service doesn’t just offer you keyword suggestions coupled with the proper SEO metrics, it helps you with content optimization by giving quick advice. It can also help with other SEO aspects, such as link building and social media outreach.


  1. SEO Plugin by Squirrly (WordPress)

SEOPluginbySquirrly(WordPress)This service checks each page of your WordPress website for keywords and the way they are used. Then it gives suggestions on how to change the keyword usage to improve your SEO. Once you optimize the content according to the Squirrly’s suggestions, the traffic boost is highly likely.


You can find other freemium tools to use for your keyword research needs in our previous sections:

  • SEMRush (Technical SEO)
  • SEO PowerSuite (Technical SEO)



Rank tracking is compulsory for seeing how well your SEO efforts transform into actual search engine rankings. Rank tracking tools can help you see how well your traffic fares from the use of certain keywords and understand what causes certain traffic changes.

Free Rank Tracking SEO Tools

We have found only one useful and powerful free SEO tool for rank tracking. You can use it to get the basic information about your website’s ranking.

  1. Google Search Console

GoogleSearchConsoleThis free Google tool gives you the basic idea of how well your website is responding to your SEO efforts. It can help you analyze the clicks you get from certain searches and see how well Google accepts your content. It can also alert you if some spam issues occur so you can fix them immediately.


Paid Rank Tracking Tools

The below rank tracking tools are worth paying for in order to get detailed information about your SEO campaign.

  1. Authority Labs

AuthorityLabsThis powerful and easy-to-use web based tool can monitor your SEO progress and make suggestions. It tracks your keywords, views search volume for your keywords, tracks Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s SERPs, creates a public URL to help the client see the progress, and more. Use it to produce white label reports



  1. Bright Local

BrightLocalIf you are doing a local business project, this SEO reporting tool can be beneficial. You can use this service to track local search rankings, check out SEO sales reports, do website audit, take advantage of white label reporting, and citation cleanup and building. Use this tool if you have at least some SEO experience.


  1. Advanced Web Ranking

AdvancedWebRankingThis program provides advanced analysis of your SEO work. It helps with white label reporting and local rankings overview. It has a great user guide and works very fast. If you are ready to read up on useful information before using the tool, Advanced Web Ranking can prove valuable for your project.


  1. Rank Ranger

RankRangerThis ranking software provides many more other search optimization tools, such as keyword search, link manager, white label SEO, visual SERP feature guide, etc. You can use it as a separate ranking program or as a set of tools for improved SEO campaign. Use this tool on your desktop computer since it’s not mobile-friendly yet.


  1. Rival IQ

RivalIQThis program allows you to track the competitions’ actions and rankings. You can see which social media content gets the best results and analyze individual posts. The program will also alert you of new viral posts and news so you can tweak your content. Use this program to see how well your content fares on social media channels.



  1. SEO Rank Monitor

SEORankMonitorThis tool provides you the most accurate ranking results for keywords and keyword groups. You can track the progress on different search engines and various locations. It also provides an option of checking the rank progress by comparing rankings for two dates. The tool is mobile-friendly.



  1. SERanking

SERankingThis powerful tool helps you check your rankings more than once a day. It works fast and can generate rankings in under one minute. It provides accurate keyword position tracking as well as backlink monitoring. The tool allows you to check your rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Connect this tool with your Google Analytics to improve its work.


  1. WordTail

WordTailYou can use this tool to do accurate SEO Rank Tracking and share it with your clients. The program collects analytics data to check how well your website is performing on any given day. You can track as many keywords and websites as you wish. Use this tool to see how well your competitors are performing.


  1. Cognitive SEO

CognitiveSEOThis tool provides rank tracking for yours and your competitors’ websites. It has a unique analytics approach to help you better understand the progress of your SEO campaign. It can also help with inbound link analysis. Use it to see how your keywords are ranking and compare them with youth competitors’ keywords.


  1. Kerboo

KerbooThis set of useful SEO tools includes rank tracking for your website. It tracks rankings on Google for the keywords you are using. It also offers link monitoring, outreaching, backlink analysis, and more. Use this program only if you need other features as much as you do rank tracking. Otherwise, opt for tools that are more powerful.



You can find other free tools to use for your rank tracking needs in our previous sections:

  • Monitor Backlinks (Link Building)
  • SEO Monitor (Technical SEO)
  • WebCEO (Technical SEO)
  • Bright Local (Technical SEO)
  • Positionly (Technical SEO)
  • com (Keyword Research)
  • Sistrix (Keyword Research)
  • Moz Pro (Keyword Research)



Freemium Rank Tracking Tools

Since the choice of free rank tracking tools is not too big, it makes sense to start with the freemiums to find the perfect program for your needs.

  1. GeoRanker

GeoRankerThis program can track website rankings across multiple locations. You get the output in a unique heat map format where the URLs have different colors. You can see how the website fares all over the world. You can also use this program as a keyword search tool that suggests optimal keyword density.


  1. Microsite Masters

MicrositeMastersThis software allows you to track various SEO metrics and performance of your website in different locations. You can see how other sites that use the keywords you track fare in the Google Rankings. Use this service to check out which rankings lead to traffic increase.


  1. Pro Rank Tracker

ProRankTrackerMany SEO experts use Pro Rank Tracker to see how well they are doing their work. This software provides many different solutions that won’t be useful to someone who is a beginner in the SEO realm. This web-based tool offers clear advanced reports, keyword suggestions, API solutions, and mobile-friendly tracking.


  1. Serpfox

SerpfoxThis program provides you information on your keyword rankings on the SERPs. Serpfox allows you to manage several websites simultaneously. The program works with Google and Bing. Serpfox provides advanced reports. It alerts the user whenever there are big changes in the SERPs.


  1. SERPWoo

SERPWooThis is an advanced tool for monitoring your SEO rankings, checking the competitions’ actions, and progress reporting. SERPWoo is meant for SEO experts who deal with big projects. It saves time by alerting the user of big changes in the SERPs and provides ORM tagging for brand protection.


  1. Wincher

WincherThis is a moderately priced tool for checking keyword rankings. It can be a smart choice for bloggers, who aren’t looking for all-in-one SEO tool. This service does a great job showing how your keywords fare on the search engines. Use this tool to see past ranking changes for your keywords.


You can find other freemium tools to use for your rank tracking needs in our previous sections:

  • SEO PowerSuite (Technical SEO)



Worthy content is a big part of SEO. Your content can be important, easy-to-read and relevant for your target audience but it won’t bring you any clients. Why? Because it’s not optimized. These tools can improve your content optimization efforts.

Free SEO Tools for Content Optimization

  1. Slerpee

SlerpeeThis program can help you optimize the way your website looks on the search engine. You can check out keyword density and on-page keywords on your competitor’s websites in order to optimize your content. This online service is fast and easy to use for beginners.


  1. Gogretel (WordPress)

Gogretel(WordPress)This WordPress plugin checks your website for content errors and makes suggestions about fixing them. The program compares your pages to your competitor’s websites and offers information on necessary adjustments. Use this service to understand the optimal keyword density and location.


  1. LSIGraph

LSIGraphThis service helps you search for latent semantic indexing keywords. Without these keywords, search engine may not get proper crawling results and lower your rankings. Use this service to improve your content by adding these keywords to your list.  The right use of latent semantic indexing keywords shows the search engine that your content is worthwhile.


  1. SEO Mofo

SEOMofoThis service allows you to write attractive titles and meta descriptions for your page in order to improve Google ranking of your content. Use this service whenever you are terribly outranked by other sites and need at least something to stand out of the crowd. The program uses several content optimization tricks to make your meta data look appealing.


You can find other free tools to use for your content optimization needs in our previous sections:

  • Open SEO Stats (Technical SEO)
  • Plugin SEO (Technical SEO)
  • Zadroweb SEO Auditor (Technical SEO)
  • SEOptimer (Technical SEO)


Paid Content Optimization Tools

These paid tools help with in-depth content optimization. Most of them are suitable for both newbies and experts.

  1. YoRocket (WordPress)

YoRocket(WordPress)The face of your content is the title. This is what people see when they do Google searches. Creating a perfect title can get you many more clicks than the juiciest content. YoRocket helps you optimize your titles to get the most clicks from the search engine users. Use this WordPress plugin as an addition to Yoast.


  1. MarketMuse

MarketMuseThis tool checks your website for low-quality content that doesn’t attract visitors and lowers your rankings. It creates a report to help you remove bad content and replace it with texts that are more useful. It also offers you keywords related to your niche that can help improve the rankings of your pages.


  1. Text Tools

TextToolsThis tool helps you find related keywords to allow your website to rank higher on search engines. Using specific keywords is nice but Google won’t give you high rankings unless you have related keywords present. That’s the criteria it uses to decide whether you have worthy content and fights against “keyword stuffers”. Use this program to get detailed analysis report on your content.


You can find other paid tools to use for your content optimization needs in our previous sections:

  • Whitespark (Link Building)
  • Agency Analytics (Technical SEO)
  • YTCockpit (Keyword Research)
  • Scribe by Copyblogger (Keyword Research)
  • TrendSpottr (Keyword Research)
  • Moz Pro (Keyword Research)
  • AMZ Tracker (Rank Tracking)
  • Rival IQ (Rank Tracking)
  • Kerboo (Rank Tracking)

Freemium Content Optimization Tools

These freemium tools can give you an idea of which paid tools you may require to improve your SEO efforts in content optimization.

  1. nTopic

nTopicThis tool analyzes your existing content and gives you valuable suggestions in order to increase organic traffic to your website. You can use nTopic as a WordPress plugin. This service also suggests relevant keywords for your texts and explains which words should be removed from the page in order not to lower the rankings. Use this tool to check out the content optimization of your competitors’ websites.


You can find other freemium tools to use for your content optimization needs in our previous sections:

  • Yoast SEO Plugin (Technical SEO)
  • Lipperhey (Technical SEO)
  • org (Technical SEO)
  • BuzzSumo (Keyword Research)
  • Webtexttool (Keyword Research)
  • Can I Rank (Keyword Research)
  • SEO Plugin by Squirrly (Keyword Research)



High-quality backlinks improve your website ranking since they make your content more valuable in the eyes of a search engine. You need backlink analysis to see where your website is standing after certain SEO work is done. It can also help you evaluate the condition of the client’s website before you start the SEO campaign.


Free SEO Tools for Backlink Analysis

These free tools can help you get started with backlink analysis. They are useful for getting a general picture of the website’s standing.


  1. SEO Quake

SEOQuakeThis tool does a fair job analyzing internal and external backlinks so you can get an idea of how well your website is benefiting from them. You can install the plugin on your browser or run the tool on an iOS device. Beside backlink analysis, SEO Quake offers full website audit to help you improve your SEO campaign.


  1. SEOGadget for Excel

SEOGadgetforExcelWhile this tool doesn’t do backlink analysis, it helps you with the process. SEO Gadget allows you to export the information from many different SEO tools to an excel file directly without waiting long minutes for it to download. This can substantially reduce the time you spend on backlink analysis and other SEO matters.


  1. Open Link Profiler

OpenLinkProfilerThis is a useful free tool to help you with backlink analysis of any website. While it won’t give you extensive information about the backlink changes, you can use it for a quick review. This tool can help you identify solid domains to get backlinks from. It does a great job showing the quality of the backlinks pointing to your website.


You can find other free tools to use for your backlink analysis needs in our previous sections:

  • SEO Weather’s Bulk Metric Checker (Technical SEO)


Paid Backlink Analysis Tools

We have already discussed the paid tools for backlink analysis in the Link Building and other sections. In most cases, these tools offer other services besides this one to give you a full picture of your SEO campaign progress.

  • Ahref’s (Link Building)
  • Linkbird (Link Building)
  • Linkody (Link Building)
  • ScrapeBox (Link Building)
  • Monitor Backlinks (Link Building)
  • Link Research Tools (Link Building)
  • Upcity (Technical SEO)
  • Bright local (Technical SEO)
  • Sistrix (Keyword Research)
  • Moz Pro (Keyword Research)
  • Share Metric (Keyword Research)
  • Cognitive SEO (Rank Tracking)
  • Kerboo (Rank Tracking)


Freemium Backlink Analysis Tools

These tools should interest you if you are looking for a way to save some money at the first stages of your SEO campaign.

  1. Majestic SEO

MajesticSEOMajestic is the largest available link index. This program specializes in link analysis. It has one of the most extensive crawler tools on the market today. It offers backlink comparison tools as well as Trust and Citation Flow metrics. You can use it as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. You can try a limited version free.


  1. WebMeUp Backlink Tool

WebMeUpBacklinkToolThis service offers a set of SEO tools, including backlink analysis. It checks the nature of the backlinks and shows if they should be removed or replaced. You can also set up automatic link monitoring for your website. Besides backlink analysis, this service is well known for a solid crawl feature.



You can find other freemium tools to use for your backlink analysis needs in our previous sections:

  • SEO Tools For Excel (Technical SEO)


What Are The Best All in One SEO Software?

If you ask three SEO specialists which SEO tools they use for their campaign, they’ll give you three different answers. Each SEO expert has his or her own set of tools for improving the website rankings. Some prefer using a separate tool for each task while others opt for all-in-one software.

While all-in-one software can save you some time and money, it’s not always the perfect solution for your SEO matters. Killing two birds with one stone is not easy in SEO. Most of the time software has a couple of highly useful tools while the rest are not so useful.

That’s why freemium software is so popular among SEO specialists. They allow you to learn what to expect from a tool. In many cases, you can opt for spending money on one tool and use the freemium version of another. Even though there is no ideal all-in-one software option, we came up with several respectable tools you can use.


  1. SE Ranking

SERankingWe talked about this software in the Paid Rank Tracking SEO Tools section. Besides rank tracking, this moderately priced tool offers the following services:

  • Competition analysis
  • Keyword suggestion/grouping
  • Backlink monitoring
  • Automated reporting (with export to different formats)
  • Website audit
  • White label plans
  • Fast indexing

As an addition, this software has an excellent customer service and works in four languages. You can get a free trial to see whether you like the service.


  1. SEMRush

SEMrushThis is one of the most powerful SEO tool sets on the market today. We talked about it in the Freemium Technical SEO Section. Besides dealing with technical SEO, this service can do:

  • Keyword research, suggestion, and ranking
  • Domain comparison by keywords
  • Crawl auditing
  • SEO metric comparison
  • Competition rank checking/insights
  • Position tracking
  • Backlink analysis and suggestion
  • Backlink anchor information search
  • Website auditing with an alert system
  • Link comparison in up to five domains simultaneously


While the price tag for this tool is not too moderate, the number of options is impressive. The service features improvements on a regular basis and offers solid customer support.


  1. WooRank

WooRankWe talked about this particular tool in freemium technical SEO section. It’s one of the most versatile SEO tools available on the market today. WooRank offers the following benefits:

  • Extensive reporting including White Label reports
  • Competition analysis
  • KPI monitoring
  • Marketing plan
  • Rank tracking
  • Keyword suggestion and tracking
  • Website audit
  • Crawl error identification
  • Backlink analysis

This service can become the only SEO tool for both beginners and professionals in the SEO world.  It offers a solid mix of dictators to help with the site optimization. WooRank has a free trial.


  1. Unamo SEO (ex Positionly)

UnamoSEO(exPositionly)paidWe mentioned this tool in our paid technical SEO tools section. This is a formidable service to help you with your SEO campaign regardless of your experience in search engine optimization. It offers the following benefits:

  • Website audit
  • Position tracking
  • API
  • Rank tracking
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • GA (Google Analytics) integration
  • Customizable reports
  • White label reports


This tool is mostly appreciated for its technical SEO and keyword tracking abilities but the rest of the services it offers don’t lack quality. You get a free trial.

  1. Conductor

ConductorWe haven’t reviewed this tool in the previous sections but it can be a great help for SEO specialists as an-all-in-one software. Conductor has the following features:

  • Content optimization
  • Content recommendations
  • Rank Tracking
  • GA Integration
  • Webpage audit
  • Content activity reporting
  • SEO ROI builder
  • DeepCrawl Integration
  • Keyword Research


This is a useful tool for SEO professionals who have one or more big projects going. This tool has excellent customer support. It’s a SEO service of choice for such big market players as Canon, AAA, Citi, and Dell.

Website: https://www.conductor.com/


You can also check out the following all-in-one SEO tools:

  • Moz Pro
  • SEO PowerSuite
  • SepStat
  • WebCEO
  • Analytics SEO
  • Rank Ranger
  • Marketing Miner


What SEO Tools Do You Need To Make Your Website Popular?

In the modern world, the fight for the best search engine rankings is fierce. The volume of competition is overwhelming while many strategies are useless. Without a solid SEO campaign, you can forget about marketing your business.

Thankfully, there are many SEO tools to help you reach your goals. As long as you spend enough time studying the way they work.

  1. Web Analytics Tool

This tool is vital to seeing how well your website is doing. It measures such user data, as the number of visitors, bounce rates, user location, click rates, and more. In the end, you can see how popular your website is among the users and check out the conversion rate.

With this data at hand, you can track the progress of your SEO campaign. Google Analytics is the most popular free web analytics tool.

  1. Rank Checker

Tracking your rankings is imperative to seeing how your website fares on the search engines. After all, the main goal of the SEO campaign is to boost the rankings. Every time you make some changes to the website, you need to see how they affect the ranking.

You can also use rank checker tools to analyze your competitor’s rankings in order to make a decision about your further work. One of the most popular rank tracking tools is Rank Tracker.

  1. The Keyword Tool

Keywords are the key to optimized content. While you can come up with solid keywords just by brainstorming, you need help for creating long tail and related keywords. Doing it on your own can take up a huge amount of time.

Keyword tools allow you to come up with solid keyword lists in just minutes. They also analyze competitors’ websites to show you which keywords they are using. While you may still need to do some manual keyword selection, these tools are vital to an optimal SEO campaign.

One of the most popular keyword tools is Google Keyword Planner.

  1. Competitor Analysis Tools

Unless you know what makes the competition tick, you can’t create a perfect SEO campaign. Successful competitors can offer you invaluable help in promoting your website and improving your rankings.

A variety of spy tools can help you analyze their domains, check the keywords they are using, and look up their rankings. One of the popular and useful tools for spying on your competition is Authority Spy.

  1. Backlink Checker

While some SEO experts might say that backlinking is not as important as it used to be to successful SEO campaign, they still matter. If a bad and spammy website is linking to your pages, you may lose your reputation.

Using spammy links can lead to banning. Backlink checkers show you where to find worthy links while checking for the nature of the existing ones. One of the best backlink checking software is Monitor Backlinks.

  1. SEO Auditing Tool

Is your website SEO friendly? A tool can help you see it. By doing an audit, you can find out what your website is lacking in regards to SEO. These tools can give you tips on how to make improvements. One of the useful tools for SEO auditing is SEOptimer.


Final Thoughts

While it’s nearly impossible to test each one of the above 176 SEO tools, you can use the reviews to find at least a dozen helpful services. While all-in-one tools are tempting, it’s often better to take advantage of a tool that specializes in just one service.

Even though SEO is a complicated science, the tools make it easier to learn and apply. By choosing a set of the right tools, you can reach impressive results regardless of your experience in the SEO niche.

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